No Hassle Home Sales is not only the name of our company, it is the way we have done business for many years. I remember reading a survey that was conducted by the National Association of Realtors which reported what consumers were most displeased about their real estate transaction and it stuck with me.

Some of the most common DISLIKES were; The Pressure of the Hard Sale, The stress of unexpected pitfalls, Over Promise and Under Deliver by their agent, Feeling like their agent did not do enough & Feeling like they paid their agent too much which likely went hand in hand with the previous one.

So we set out on a journey to craft the way we do business around removing all of these dislikes from the way we serve our customers and created our business models and eventually our company around these very principles.

A No Hassle Home Sale means:

-No Pressure to sign a lengthy contract, customer decides how long they want to work with us

-No hefty contract cancellation fees, if we don't do our job you can cancel the contract period.

-No "junk fees" often called transaction fees, marketing fees or admin fees charged on top of commissions. 

-No High Commission "One size fits all" Listing Agreement, every property & every situation is different so we customize each transaction based on the customer's needs.

To Sum it up... Our Customers choose the services they want & need, they decided the duration of the agreement, They decide how much they will compensate us for the services they have chosen and they can terminate their contract if we don't do our jobs. Pretty simple and straightforward, just how we feel it should be.